How to Root Boxwood Clippings by Brenda Kincade

April 13 - 11:30 A.M.

A self-taught gardener, Brenda Kincade and her husband David have spent 25 years creating and embellishing their charming backyard garden. The couple have visited some very famous gardens in Italy, England and France, where the use of boxwood was a common theme that continues to inspire them.

“We have a lot of big oak trees in our yard that prohibit growing grass.  Our very first boxwood adventure was when we bought 28 small boxwoods and planted them into a small square in the middle of our backyard,” says Brenda. “They took off!”

Brenda began to take clippings from these boxwoods, rooting them in small clay pots with damp soil. Within 4 to 6 weeks the clippings develop roots and are ready to plant in the garden. Brenda and David now have more than 150 boxwoods, all of which came from the original 28 plantings.

“My husband, David, is the master trimmer.  He keeps them in shape and neatly clipped into balls, cones, and walls,” says Brenda. “We have even planted them around a stone garden bench to make a ‘sofa’! We have really had fun!”

There is no fee for admission, but a $10 per person donation to the gardens is encouraged.





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