Paving the Road to Revolution: The Stamp Act Resistance in North Carolina

Thursday, February 11 
6:30 p.m.

The “Stamp Act”… a docile enough sounding name. However, this act, designed by British Parliament to fund wartime efforts in the American colonies, struck at the heart and purse strings of the Colonists. Though it was instated in November of 1765, due to overwhelming resistance it was repealed 5 months later.

North Carolina, and in particular the Lower Cape Fear, played a unique role in the Stamp Act Resistance. The events that occurred here in the winter of 1765-66 helped sow the seeds of discontent in Colonial North Carolina and helped pave the way for the American Revolution.

Learn more about the events that helped shape this turning point in history with Jim McKee, Site Manager at Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson State Historic Site. Jim is a Southport native, and has previously worked for the North Carolina Maritime Museum and the National Park Service.

Admission: Free

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